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Do you believe in Ghosts?

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Posted by Ray
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CASE: 164

COUNTRY: United States
TOWN/CITY: Dallas city
STATE: Georgia

Hello I saw your post about Ghosts.  I have them in my home.  I have had local Ghost hunters come twice to my house.  The first time they got alot.  We have a cd with their finding on it.  I have a child named Patrick.  I have seen him.  He is not evil.  He is actually a very nice looking kid. Several senstivites ir psychics have picked up an older woman.  I believe her to be my great aunt.  They describe her perfectly. We also have a Creek Indian woman who hangs out in my backyard.  My yard was a gathering place many many yrs ago.  Our home is new. 6 yrs old.  So it is the land.  I was also told by several of these sensitives that I attract them.  I have heard the child call my dogs.  I have seen him playing with the dogs toys.  But one night I actually got scared. I was not asleep.  I had just got in bed.  Suddenly I saw this thing pop up at the bottom of my bed peeking at me.  Then it ducked down really fast.  It had a round head and very large black eyes.  Honestly that scared me.  Then the next night it /or something kept beating on the bottom of my bed on the bedrails. A clanging noise. That one creeped me out.  Sometimes I hear my named called but I try to ignore it lol.  My hubby is the same.  He got spooked one morning  He was cooking breakfast one Sunday morn and suddenly something said his name right into his ear. He told it that he didnt want it to do that anymore.  I think it is Patrick.  He is playful.  But that ,that I saw at the end of my bed was not Patrick.  We have had relatives visiting and one of them saw a little boy behind the shower curtian in my guest bath.  For the most part Patrick and my Aunt are harmless.  Sometimes they might scare you when you least expect it.
Submitted by OREESA

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Written by: Ray Fri Nov 07 2008 - 11:07:21 Comments: 419

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